Desmotricha imitata Druce


 Family: Erebidae

Subfamily: Arctiinae

Tribe: Arctiini

Subtribe: Euchromiina

Host plants:

  • Chusquea scandens (Poaceae)
  • Baccharis latifolia (Asteraceae)






Collection site: Various, Napo Province

Female (dorsal view)


Female (ventral view)

Photos & Determinations of adults: Suzanne Rab Green
Photos of immatures: CAPEA collections




Caterpillar common name:

"Checker Chusquea"
"Mah Jo(h)ng Chusquea"


Caterpillar behavior & description:

 Larvae are solitary


Rearing results and development time:



Host plants:

  • Chusquea scandens (Poaceae)
  • Baccharis latifolia (Asteraceae)



Parasitoids in the families Braconidae, Ichneumonidae, and Tachinidae attack the larvae (none have been
identified to lower taxa). All parasitoids develop internally, the ichneumonids also pupate internally, while the braconids and tachinids pupate outside of the larva. The braconids emerge to pupate in groups of up to 30 pre-pupal larvae.




Collection sites:

Caterpillars were collected inside primary forests, partially reforested pastures and next to roads along an altitudinal transect from 400m (Tena) to 3500m (Papallacta) in the vicinity of the Yanayacu Biological Station and Center for Creative Studies (YBS: S 00° 35.9' W 77° 53.4': 2100 m), 5km west of Cosanga, Napo province of eastern Ecuador.  


Voucher locations & numbers:

@ American Museum of Natural History : B1210, 12754, 14228, 15843, 15846, 15853, 15854, 17027, 26488, 28206, 36765, 37078, 37229, 37358, 37360, 38011, 38147, 38763, 38800, 40528, 40770, 41539, 41741, 44679
@ University of Nevada Reno (UNR): B1135, C615, 2262, 15034


Adult identification status:


Compared with type collection @BMNH & USNM, collections @
No previous dissections by authors or subsequent taxonomists


Original description of adult:

Druce, H. 1883. Descriptions of new species of Zygaenidae and Arctiidae.
Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1883: 382.


Type locality:

Ecuador: Chiguinda.


Known distribution range: