Dysschema nr joiceyi Druce


Host plant:Asteraceae




Caterpillar Description





Determined by: S. Rab Green


Rearing results and development time

N=41; 35 eclosed and 6 were parasitized. Time as pupae was 28-47 days (N= 27) with records of 25 and 55 days as outliers. Results were compiled from 20 individuals and 9 groups.

Host plants

Asteraceae: Adennostemma harlingii, Adennostemma sp., Barnadesia parviflora, Critoniopsis occidentalis, Erato polymnioides, Mikania sp., Munnozia hastifolia, Munnozia senecionides, Verbesina lloensis.

There are two suspect records, one from an unknown species of Solanaceae, and the other from Chusquea scandens (Poaceae). The record from C. scandens was probably an individual collected off of its regular host plant for a variety of possible reasons.



Observations and Comments

The adults of this species are sexually dimorphic with the males mimicking D. joiceyi, and most, but not all of the females mimicking D. tricolor. Caterpillars feed in groups with the largest recorded group from our data being 24 individuals. Many single individuals were also found.

Voucher location

UNR, American Museum of Natural History Museo Ecuatoriano de Ciencias Naturales