Eois viridiflava (Dognin)

 Geometridae: Larentiinae

Host plant:

Piper sp. (Piperaceae)








Male (dorsal)



Male (ventral)

Determined by: J.S. Miller UNR/AMNH


Rearing results and development time

Yanayacu rearing voucher nos. 11806 (Jan 2006) & 11977 (Feb 2006).

Host plants

Piper sp. (Piperaceae) - "pink belly".



Observations and Comments

Larvae of this species have been collected at Las Palmas and at Plot 173. Scoble (1999) listed viridiflava Dognin (1918) as a synonym of Eois goodmani Schaus (1913). The type locality for goodmani is Juan Viñas, Costa Rica, whereas the type locality of viridiflava is Monte Tolima, Colombia (3200m). Based on these disjunct distributions, we provisionally list viridiflava as a valid species.

Voucher location

Smithsonian Institution