Dognina guasca Schaus

 Notodontidae: Disphragiinae

Host plant:

Myrica pubescens (Myricaceae)






 Male (dorsal)



Male (ventral)

Determined by: J.S. Miller UNR/AMNH



Rearing results and development time

Voucher nos. 35672 & 35674 (11 Sept 2008), Sierra Azul.

Host plants

Myrica pubescens (Myricaceae).



Observations and Comments

Based on comparison of male genitalia, this species is either Dognina guasca Schaus, described from Colombia (see Thiaucourt, 1979, Lambillionea, vol. 79: 18--21), or a new species extremely close to it. The adult specimen shown bears the following data: ECUADOR; Napo; Galeras, Río Papancu, 11.3 km SE Loreto-Coca road on road to Communidad Pueblo Nuevo, 990 m, 2 Oct 2004, MV light, leg. J.S. Miller & E. Tapia.

Voucher location

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