Herbulotedra nr. palmeri Druce

 Notodontidae: Disphragiinae

Host plant:

Psammisia sp. (Ericaceae)






Male (dorsal)



Male (ventral)

Determined by: J.S. Miller UNR/AMNH



Rearing results and development time

Voucher no. 31218 (13 May 2008).

Host plants



Observations and Comments

This taxon, as yet undescribed, appears to be the sister species to Herbulotedra palmeri Druce, from western Colombia (type locality: San Antonio, 5800 ft, BMNH). The adult specimen shown was collected at a MV light trap (Yanayacu Biological Station: 19 Jan 2009, leg. J.S. Miller, D. Wagner & E. Tapia). A single larvae was collected along the Yanayacu Road. Thiaucourt (1978) erected the genus Herbulotedra to include a single species -- palmeri.

Voucher location

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