Stenoplastis dyeri Miller

 Notodontidae: Dioptinae: Dioptini

Host plant:

Geonoma orbignyana (Arecaceae)





Early instars


 Prepupal larva







Female paratype (dorsal)


Adult female


Semi-adult male (Lee Dyer, lateral view)


Dyer's tattoo

Determined by: J.S. Miller UNR/AMNH



Rearing results and development time

This species has been reared from larvae collected at the following localities: Río Malo, Sucumbíos Province, S00º09'09", W77º38'27" (1240 m); Cascada de San Rafael, Sucumbíos Province, S00º06'14", W77º35'16" (1300 m); Río Quijos, Napo Province, S00º27'52", W77º54'27" (1800 m); Las Palmas, Napo Province, S00º36.04', W77º52.59' (1928 m).

Host plants

Geonoma orbignyana (Arecaceae)



Observations and Comments

The adult (moth) specimen shown, the female paratype of S. dyeri, bears the following label data: ECUADOR; Sucumbíos; San Rafael, 0º06'13.7"S, 77º35'16.2"W, 1200 m, 21 Oct 2006, leg. L. Dyer (see Miller, 2009, Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., vol. 321).

Voucher location

American Museum of Natural History