Dioptis uniguttata Warren

 Notodontidae: Dioptinae: Dioptini

Host plant:

Geonoma sp. (Arecaceae)





Male (dorsal)


Male (ventral)


Female (dorsal)


Female (ventral)

Determined by: J.S. Miller UNR/AMNH



Rearing results and development time

Host plants

Geonoma sp. (Arecaceae).



Observations and Comments

The male shown was reared by Genoveva Rodríguez (Rearing No. 4211) at Plot 5: ECUADOR; Sucumbíos; San Rafael Falls, 1300 m, S00º05.96', W77º34.96', 3 Jun 2005. The female was reared at the same site by E. Tapia and J.S. Miller (January, 2009) on an as yet unidentifed species of Geonoma. The type locality for Dioptis uniguttata Warren (1901) is Bogotá, Colombia (see Miller, 2009; Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., vol. 321).

Voucher location

American Museum of Natural History/Smithsonian Institution