Xenomigia pinasi Miller

 Notodontidae: Dioptinae: Dioptini

Host plant:

Unknown; probably Chusquea (Poaceae)







Holotype Male (dorsal)

Holotype Male (ventral)


Determined by: J.S. Miller UNR/AMNH



Rearing results and development time

Not reared; collected at light.

Host plants

Not known; probably Chusquea.



Observations and Comments

This species is endemic to the Quijos River Valley at elevations of approximately 2800 m (see Miller, 2009; Bull. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist. No. 609). The male holotype (shown above) bears the following label data: ECUADOR: Napo; Río Chalpi Grande, 10 km W Cuyuja on Papallacta-Baeza Rd., S00º23', W78 º00', 2800 m, 3 Mar 2006, leg. J.S. Miller, E. Tapia, S. Rab Green & D. Wagner, MV light.

Voucher location

American Museum of Natural History