Perisama oppelii (Latreille, 1811)

Nymphalidae (Biblidinae)

Host plant at Yanayacu - Paullinia sp. (Sapindaceae)
Mature Caterpillar Description

Head nearly square, narrowed epicranially and bearing two long, well-developed scoli with four sets of whorled, lateral projections and sparse, long, dark setae, ground color red-brown with the shafts of scoli between whorls paler reddish in some individuals, posterior portion behind scoli greenish-white, anterior and lateral portions marked with large pale areas, scoli with tufts of soft dark setae near apices of spines; body soon after later in stadium ground color becomes green but is entirely covered with sparse yellow granulations, body also has thin, indistinct, yellow-white supraspiracular and spiracular lines as well as a prominent, brighter ventrolateral stripe, venter chalky white, A9 spiracle prominent and pale, A10 bears a pair of short scoli, dark centrally and with a whorl of three dark spines basally.

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CAPEA Publications

Greeney, H. F., L. A. Dyer, P. J. DeVries, T. R. Walla, L. Salazar V., W. Simbaña & L. Salgaje. 2010. Early stages and natural history of Perisama oppelii (Latreille, 1811) (Nymphalidae, Lepidoptera) in eastern Ecuador. Kempffiana 6: 16-30.[download PDF]

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