Gamelia sp. YY14751



Host plant: Various



Coll. Location: Yanayacu Biological Station 0°36'S 77°53'W; 2100m

 Additional Photos: Head capsule

Determined by:


Rearing results and development time

As of January 2010, N = 6; 3 Adults, 1 parasitoid, (see below)

Host plants

Asteraceae: unknown sp., Ericaceae: Psammisia sp., Euphorbiaceae: Acalypha sp., Gunneraceae: Gunnera brephogea, Poaceae: unknown sp., Rosaceae : Rubus sp.




Observations and Comments

This is one of the two most common morphospecies of Gamelia found near the Yanayacu Biological Station. Gamelia is a difficult species to separate as adults or larvae. The morphospecies shown on this site were separated based on larval characteristics. As of July of 2010, whether or not these morphospecies are real still needs to be confirmed by dissection of the adults. The adults reported above were assigned to this morphospecies based on existing photographs of the larvae that produced them. There are an additional 48 adults that need to be separated into species based on dissection or microbiological characters.

Voucher location

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History