Zolessia felderi


Host plant:



Caterpillar Description


Determined by: Dyer /Gentry (fide ACG Database)

Life History Data
Rearing results & development time

As of 2006, N=177 rearings: 83 eclosed, 44 were parasitized, others died or escaped; Time as pupae: 17-21 days (N=5)

Host plants

Araceae: Philodendron sp. and other Araceae:
Heliconiaceae: Heliconia sp.
Palmae: Welfia georgii, Chamaedora tepejilote
Asteraceae:Piptocarpha poeppigiana
Leguminosae-Mimosoideae: Pentaclethra macroloba
Malphigiaceae: Stigmaphyllon lindinianum
Piperaceae: Piper sp., P. colonense,P. hispidum, P. auretum, ..P. peltata Rubiaceae: Neea psychotroides
Solanaceae: Lycianthes synanthera
Tiliaceae: Heliocarpus appendiculatus
Urticaceae: Miriocarpa longipes
Verbenaceae: Aegifila falcata

Plus at least 12 other families


Tachinidae: Masiphya sp. (N=1) maggot emerged from caterpillar and pupated away from it.
Braconidae: Microgastrinae (N=16): Larvae emerged in groups of > 20 from the prepupal caterpillar after it had made its a cocoon from its own hairs. Adult braconids emerged 8 and 9 days after pupation (N=2).


Observations and Comments

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University of Nevada Reno