Apatelodes erotina Schaus


Host plant: Piper auritum



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Caterpillar Description


Determined by: G. Gentry



Rearing results and development times

As of July 2001 N=44, 3 were parasitized,26 eclosed, 2 failed to escape their pupal cases (but were adults), 13 died

Time as pupae: 19-24 days (N=12)

Host plants

Verbenaceae: Aegiphila falcata
Piperaceae: Piper auritum, P. colonense,
Flacortiaceae: Casearia arboreum
Convolvulaceae: Ipomoea sp.
Rubiaceae: Psychotria hebeclada
Asteraceae: Vernonia patens
Solanaceae: Witheringia asterotricha, Solanum rudepanum
Malphigiaceae: Stigmaphyllon lindineanum
Malvaceae: Unknown plant


 Tachinidae (Multiple small flies)


Observations and comments

 The larvae of this species are polymorphic for thier base color which can be yellow, white, black or some mixture. The prolegs of all morphs have red feet. Caterpillars have small, irritating, silicaceous spines on thier bodies under the long visible hairs.

Voucher location

 Arthropods of La Selva Project, WCCTR