Automeris postalbida


Host plant: Various


Caterpillar Description

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Determined by: Dyer/Gentry



Rearing results and development time

As of Oct. 2001 N=20: 3 eclosed, 10 failed to eclose, 7 died
Time as pupa: 91 days (N=1)

Host plants

Palmae: Welfia georgii
Lacistemaceae: Lacistema aggregatum
Leguminosae: Inga sp.
Urticaceae: Miriocarpa longipes
Heliconiacea: Heliconia sp.
Marantaceae: Calathea sp.
Sterculiaceae: Theobroma cacao





Observations and comments

 This is an extremely large caterpillar (>15cm) with urticating spines. It was often found feeding on palms. The caterpillar will click its mandibles when and was discovered several times that way. Early instars fed as a group but later instars would feed alone. Rearing times for this species (in the lab) were in excess of a month if an early instar was discovered.

Voucher location

 Tulane University