Caterpillars and Host Plants of the Cerrado in Brazil



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Diniz I.R., Morais H.C. and Hay J.D. 2009. Caterpillars and host plants of a tropical savanna (cerrado) in central Brazil. Accessed: (date accessed).

Caterpillars, host plants and Parasitoids of a Brazilian cerrado a savanna like vegetation is an ongoing project, since 1991, dedicated to the inventory and dissemination of information on lepidopteran larvae, their host plants, and their parasitoids. Live caterpillar specimens are collected at Biological Reserve of "Cabeça de Veado" which includes FAL- Fazenda Água Limpa (University of Brasilia Experimental Farm), RECOR - Ecological Reserve of IBGE, and JBB - Brazilian Botanic Garden. The caterpillars are reared at the University of Brasilia. The host plant, pupation and emergence dates, along with information about parasitiods that the caterpillars may have hosted are recorded.

Project goals:

1) Survey and inventory a diverse community of Lepidoptera in the Cerrado.

2) Record and archive baseline natural history information such as host plant-herbivore-parasitoid relationships, development rates, and other life cycle information.

3) Disseminate this information with a searchable database publicly accessible through the internet and available worldwide.

4) Provide the foundation for a key and field guide to the caterpillars of the Cerrado.

Funding was provided by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), the Federal District Foundation for Scientific and Technological Development (FAPDF), and personal funds.


We are very grateful to Vitor O. Becker who made all the identifications of moth adults, and to the many students at the University of Brasilia who have made the collections and rearings of caterpillars since early stages (A. Brito, A. Botelho, A. Bendicho-Lopez, B. Higgins, B. Baker, B. Cabral, C. Bernardes, C. Haidar, C. Gonçalves, C. Dias, D. Urcino, D. Silva, D. Fernandes, D. Motta Jr, E. Gondim, E. Emery, E. Araújo, E. Pereira, F. Bandeira, F. Sena, F. Godoi, F. Venturoli, F. Pinheiro, F. Pinto, F. Sousa, F. Jordão, G. Silva, G. Fernandes, H. Cunha, H. Oliveira, I. Mahajan, I. Andrade, J. Mangabeira, J. Souza Jr, J. Ferreira, J. Galinkin, J. Costa, J. Araújo, J. Carregaro, K. Silva, L. Braga, L. Mendes, L. Baumgarten, L. Del Gáudio, M. Lasneaux, M. Carvalho, M. Milhomen, M. Gramacho, N. Silva, N. Menezes, N. Chaves, N.A. Silva, P. Ribeiro, P. Cirotto, R. Silva, R. Malcher, R. Cordeiro, R. Kattar, R. Pessoa-Queiroz, S. Scherrer, S. Rodovalho).

Photos by: Sheila Rodovalho, Rosevaldo Queiroz, Berites Cabral, Dionisio Motta Jr, Edio Gondim, Fabio Sena, Indra Mahajan, Joema Costa, Milena Gramacho, Nasare Menezes, K. Kitayama.

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