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Hesperiidae: Harold Greeney

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Insect Taxonomy

Monty Wood (Tachinidae)

Kieth Wilmott (Nymphalidae: Ithomiinae)

Jim Whitfield (Braconidae, Microgastrinae)

Andrew Warren (Hesperiidae)

John Stireman (Tachinidae)

Scott Shaw (Braconidae, Meteorinae, Rogadinae)

Jerry Powell (Tortricidae)

Michael Pogue (Noctuidae)

Francisco Piñas (Lepidoptera reference collection)

Jim Miller (Notodontidae)

Henry Hespenheide (Chalcididae)

Suzanne Rab Green (Arctiidae)

Ian Gauld (Ichneumonidae)

Marc Epstein (Zygaenoidea)

Phil J. DeVries (Nymphalidae)

Gunnar Brehm (Geometridae)


Host plant identification

Carina Chicaiza - Universidad Central de Ecuador

Edwin Narvaez - Herbario National Ecuatoriano



Rafael Granizo

Wilmer Simbaña

María de los Angeles Simbaña

Marco Gualinga Licuy -Parataxonomo

Santiago Gualinga Licuy- Parataxonomo

Gerardo Vega Chavarria

Heidi Connahs

Aaron Fox

Lana Jameison

Ching-Kai Lin

Lauren Loe

Genoveva Rodriguez

Pamela Thomson

Andrew Townsend

Toni Walters

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Marco Gualinga Licuy

Harold Greeney

Grant Gentry

Rafael Granizo

Heidi Connahs

Lee Dyer

Malia Fincher


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Museo Ecuatoriana de Ciencias Naturales

Herbario National de Ecuador

Universidad Central de Ecuador

Missouri Botanical Garden

Western Colorado Center for Tropical Research

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Yanayacu Biological Station and Center for Creative Studies

Cabañas San Isidro


National Geographic

National Science Foundation: Biotic Surveys and Inventories: NSF DEB-0346729

National Science Foundation: NSF DEB-0344250

Department of Energy: NIGEC


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