Turesis sp. (complanula)


Host plant: Pharus sp. (Poaceae)


Caterpillar Description

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Determined by: J.M. Burns (SMNH)


Rearing results and development times

Lumping all Turesis together (See below), as of May 2003, N=14: 10 eclosed, 1 parasitized, 3 died.

Host plants

 Poaceae: Pharus sp.


 Tachinidae (Note eggs on head capsule of upper photo)



Observations and comments

The larval forms of this species are unresolved. One of the Turesis species is Turesis complanula (det. J.M. Burns). Because all specimens reared from Pharus and other forest grasses have not been evaluated, it is still unknown whether caterpillars of this species have more than one morph, change colors depending on instar,or if different larval morphs represent more than one species of Turesis.

Voucher location

 Tulane University