Radara nr. nealcesalis 


Host plant: Cissampelos sp.


Caterpillar Description

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Determined by: Gentry/Dyer (fide InBIO)



Rearing results and development times

As of May 2003 N=61 rearings: 34 Adults, 5 Parasitized, 22 Died
Days as pupae (in lab): 8-16 days (N=16, modes at 8 and 15 days).

Host plants

 Menispermaceae: Cissampelos sp.


 Braconidae (1 group), Eulophidae (2 groups) Tachinidae (1). Parasitoids in the Braconidae and Eulophidae emerged in groups and pupated next to the still living host.



Observations and comments

 Appearance of the caterpillars changes drastically between instars; especially I3 and I4 when the body changes from a translucent green to mottled brown (as in the above photo).

Voucher location

 Tulane University