Gonodonta sicheas Cramer 1777


Host plant: Cissampelos sp.

Caterpillar Description


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Determined by: G.Gentry



Rearing results and development time

As of May 2003, N=8 rearings: 5 eclosed, 1 was parasitized, 2 died.

Host plants

Menispermaceae: Cissampelos grandiifolium, (Check) and Cissampelos sp.2



Stinkbug nymphs and adults

Observations and Comments

Eggs are laid singly on tops and bottoms of leaves. Caterpillars are often found resting off of the host plant but nearby, and will drop readily from leaves. Young instars drop on a thread. Many of the early instar Gonodonta larvae that we encountered were black with various markings. There appears to be a dark morph of G. sicheas that retains the larval black background. More will have to be reared to be sure that this is not a separate species (see Other Images).

Voucher location

Tulane University