Malocampa nr. albolineata 


Host plant: Castilla elastica

Caterpillar Description

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Rearing results and development time

As of October 2001, N=16: 8 eclosed, 3 failed to eclose, 2 died, 3 were parasitized
Time as pupae: 8-14 days (N=4)

Host plants

 Moraceae: Castilla elastica


 Tachinidae: Winthemia sp.



Observations and comments

Caterpillars fed on the edges of leaves, hiding there when not feeding. All of the individuals in the collection were found in 1998 and this species was not found in subsequent years.
The tachinids placed eggs on the caterpillar's head capsule. The maggots emerged from the caterpillar and pupated away from their host.

Voucher location

 Tulane University