Lirimiris nr. truncata


Host plant: Ochroma lagopus

Caterpillar Description

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Rearing results and development time

As of Oct. 2001, N=21: 14 closed, 1 failed to eclose, 6 died
Time as pupa:

Host plants

Bombacaceae: Ochroma lagopus,
Malvaceae: Hampea appendiculata
Tiliaceae: Heliocarpus appendiculatus




 Formicidae: Paraponera clavata

Observations and comments

 Young larvae typically had a white background color and fed at the tips of leaves, hiding on a frass chain attached to the vein. They became yellow opon reaching their third instar. Older larvae cut the major veins leading into the leaf tissue and would hide in this "tent" when not feeding.

Voucher location

 Tulane University