Mechanitis polymnia isthmia Bates 1863

Nymphalidae (Ithomiinae)

Host plant: Solanum adherens


Collection Site: Costa Rica, Saripiqui province.
La Selva Biological Station,10 ° 25' N, 84 ° 05'W.

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Determined by: G. Gentry



Rearing results and development times

As of January 2008, N= 203 larvae (21 groups, 3 individuals); 141 adults, 62 parasitoids. Mean duration as pupa, 7 days (N = 141 larvae in 21 groups).

Host plants

 Solanaceae: Solanum adherens, S. siparunoides, S. rudepanum


 Braconidae, Tachinidae, Chalcididae (hyperparasitoid on tachinidae)


Katydids (Acrididae) and ants will eat groups of early instar larvae, stinkbugs (Pentatomidae) and assassin bugs (Reduviidae) will attack later instar larvae.

Observations and comments

Caterpillars feed and rest in groups in all instars. When threatened multiple larvae will regurgitate and hold a drop of regurgitant in their jaws.

Voucher location

University of Nevada Reno (UNR)