Consul fabius cecrops

Nymphalidae (Charaxinae)

Host plant: Piper sp. (various)


Collection Site: Costa Rica, Saripiqui province.
La Selva Biological Station,10 ° 25' N, 84 ° 05'W.

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Determined by: Gentry/Dyer



Rearing results and development times

As of May 2003, N= 41 rearings: 23 eclosed, 2 were parasitized, 16 died.
Mean duration 3rd instar to pupa, 17.5 days; mean duration as pupa, 7-11days (mode=11); N =11

Host plants

 Piperaceae: Piper colonense, P. auritum, P. glabratum, P. hispidum, P. phytolacaefolium, P. sancti-felices, P. multiplenervum, P. sp.


 Tachinidae (2)


Pseudomyrmex mexicana (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) attacked and killed a 1st instar larvae on Piper hispidum.

Observations and comments

Early instar larvae rest on a frass chain at the end of the host plant leaf tip. At a later instar the larvae roll a shelter from the side of a leaf and give it a heavy lining of silk. If diturbed larvae will bite and extrude a neck gland (see Other Images)

Voucher location

University of Nevada Reno (UNR)