Xylophanes porcus Hubner 1824


Host plant: Hamelia patens

Caterpillar Description
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Determined by: Gentry/Dyer



Rearing results and development times

As of Oct. 2001, N=31: 20 eclosed, 2 failed to eclose, 2 died, 7 were parasitized
Moths spent 14-25 days as a pupa (N=7)

Host plants

Rubiaceae: Hamelia patens, Psychotria chiapensis, P.hebeclada


 Tachinidae N=7 : Drino sp. (N=3), other tachinids; 2 groups of flies hyperparasitized by
Brachymeria sp. (Chalcididae)



Observations and comments

 Caterpillars were primarly found at dusk or at night while they were feeding. During the day the later instars usually hide at the base of their host plant or in nearby surrounding vegetation. The caterpillars usually either consume entire leaves or half of a leaf .

Voucher location

Tulane University