Xylophanes anubus  Cramer 1777


Host plant: Psychotria chiapensis
Caterpillar Description

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Rearing results and development times

As of 2001, N=11: 5 eclosed, 5 died, 1 was parasitized
Time as pupa: 15 and 21 days (N=2)

Host plants

Rubiaceae: Psychotria chiapensis, P. psychotriifolia


Tachinidae: Belvosia sp.



Observations and comments

The first and second instars of this species are green (see photos), changing to mottled brown at the third instar. When they are not feeding, early instar caterpillars hide in the terminal leaflets of the host plant while later instars (3rd-5th) hide at the base of the plant or under a branch. Several of the collections for this species were made by checking the bases of damaged plants. Caterpillars often eat half or part of a leaf, then move to a different leaf to feed.

Voucher location

 Tulane University