Pachylia syces 


Host plant:
Ficus colubrinae
Caterpillar Description

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Determined by: Dyer/Gentry



Rearing results and development time

As of Oct. 2001 N=11: 3 eclosed, 1 died, 7 were parasitized.
Time as pupa: 17 days (N=1)

Host plants

Moraceae: Ficus colubrinae


Tachinidae: Belvosia sp. N=3, Hyphantrophaga sp. N=1, Drino sp. N=1
Braconidae: Cotesia sp. (americana or congregata) N=1



Observations and comments

Caterpillars come in a green or brown morph. The green morph is very difficult to distinguish from the green morph of Pachylia ficus. The caterpillars hide under branches during the day and feed at night.

The Cotesia sp emerged in a mixed rearing of wasps and flies. Only a (relatively) few wasps were able to pupate and later eclose.

Voucher location

 Tulane University