Amphimoea walkeri  Boisduval 1895


Host plant: Anaxagorea crassipetala (Annonaceae)
Caterpillar Description

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Determined by: G. Gentry



Rearing results and development time

As of Oct. 2001, N=5: 2 eclosed, 1 adult failed to emerge,1 larva died , 1 was parasitized Time as pupa: 27days (N=2)

Host plants

 Annonaceae: Anaxagorea crassipetala





Observations and comments

 Later instars of this species hide during the day and move up into the foliage to feed at dusk and overnight. Earlier instars (1 and 2) hide on the host plant. The frass of this caterpillar crumbles as it is extruded, ending up as small pices of frass instead of large, obvious, pellets. When later instars of this caterpillar are severely harrassed they emit a strong smelling froth from their mouths.

Voucher location

 Tulane University