Southeastern Louisiana University’s Department of Biological Sciences organized the first BioBlitz to be held in Louisiana on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2007 at Tickfaw State Park. BioBlitz is a species inventory of a particular area, compiled through a full day of identifying every species the volunteers can find. The Dyer lab (then at Tulane) participated, and you can see our totals for insect species here. COMING SOON: BIOBLITZ NEVADA

Species Summary


Mammals: 3 species

Reptiles: 17 species

Amphibians: 13 species

Birds: 59 species

Fish: 13 species

Plants: 62 species

Fungi: (coming soon)

Insects: 155 species

Non-insect terrestrial arthropods: 6 species

Insect Summary:

Coleoptera 30

Diptera 13

Hemiptera 17

Homoptera 1

Hymenoptera 8

Lepidoptera 72

Odonata 6

Orthoptera 5

Thysanoptera 1

Thysanura 1

Trichoptera 1


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Southeastern Louisiana University Species Totals

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