Ask A Scientist

Click here to ask the scientists at UNR your question, or look at the questions and responses of others.

Local Schools

Outreach volunteers from Dr. Dyer's Chemical Ecology and Tropical Entomology Laboratory at UNR are eager to visit local classrooms. Teachers, click here for our presentation proposals.

Rainforest Investigations

Karen Retford's Rainforest Investigation Page from her fellowship with Earthwatch and Tulane University provides lessons and activities, experiments for the classroom, and information and resources on rainforest ecosystems.


BioBlitz is a 24-hour species survey marathon! Students, scientists and volunteers work together to help estimate the biodiversity of an area.

More Educational Outreach

Teachers and scientists are working together to study and teach students about caterpillars, the ecosystem, and the effects of climate change on them. Miss Gorton, a 4th grade teacher from Los Angeles, created an outreach homepage here with links to teachers' websites and more.

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